HRA model - Spatially Explicit Criteria (InVEST 3.7)


I’m working with Habitat Risk Assessment and I have some doubts about the Spatially Explicit Criteria.

If possible, I would like to know how it works and how do you created the polygons for the examples given at the time of installation. My doubts are if it has necessarily to be a polygon and if it was created with buffers.

Thank you for your guidance.

Hi there,

Good questions. I think the sample data is a bit misleading in this case. My understanding is that any datasets used for the spatially explicit criteria should mirror those used as the stressor layers, in terms of their geometries.

So I would suggest starting with your stressor layers, which can be points, lines, polygons, or rasters, and just making a copy of the ones you want to use as a spatially explicit criteria layer. And then add the necessary ratings column to the attribute table and populate it with values.

For example, in terms if the sample data, I would expect spatially_explicit_layers/softbottom_DocksWharvesMarinas_intensity_rating.shp to be identical to stressor_layers/DocksWharvesMarinas.shp, except for the ratings column in the table.

We’ll update the sample data accordingly for the next release.

I was incorrect here. Only polygons and rasters are supported in this version of HRA.