Data preparation for model of Habitat Risks (InVEST Model)

Hello everyone,
I am in doubt about the attributes of shapefiles model preprocessor entries. I wonder what the attributes needed to organize the data of habitats, species and stressors in the shapefile attribute table. How can I proceed to insert shapefiles correctly?

Unless you are using the “spatially explicit criteria” option, I don’t think there are any requirements for the attribute fields of the habitat or stressor layers. There are requirements for the filenames and locations of files. Hopefully that is documented in the User’s Guide:

If you are using the “spatially explicit criteria” option, the best thing to do is probably load the sample data in GIS and look at how the tables are formatted. See C:\InVEST_3.6.0_x86\HabitatRiskAssess\Input\Spatially_Explicit_Criteria\Exposure

It’s also worth mentioning that this model was recently upgraded and the data preparation steps have hopefully been simplified, for example there is no longer a separate pre-processor. Look for that in the 3.7.0 InVEST release, and look for news of that release posted on this forum in the coming days!

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