Input Ranges for Carbon Model


I have a suggestion for the carbon model. I have ran several analysis with different economic input variables in the carbon model. I think it would be nice if InVEST had an option to provide a range of these variables and provide different sets of results for each, that way it wouldnt need to be done one by one

Hi @leonale ,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll consider something like this sort of batch processing in a future version of the InVEST User Interface.

It sounds like you’ve already completed your analysis, but if ever you need to do this sort of thing again, I’d strongly suggest taking a look at our Python API (PyPI download, documentation). Using this API, you could write a short python program to loop over the InVEST carbon model, changing an economic parameter on each run, saving the outputs to a new workspace folder. If you’re interested, please be sure to check out the batch processing tutorial in our API documentation.



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