Inquiry about NatCap Symposium

Hello NatCap Team,

I am writing this post to know if NatCap is holding NatCap Symposium anytime soon? I was really looking forward to attending it in 2020 but COVID happened. As I am planning a few of my schedules, I would like to know if there is any update on the symposium? I believe the NatCap Symposium platform will be a great opportunity to share my work and learn more about InVEST models and ecosystem services.

As well, if there are any other conferences on ecosystem services (Intersection on Climate change, policy, and ecosystem services) that you can recommend, I would be grateful.

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I’m also interested! Following thread

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Hi @Shikxya and @stellamanes -

I’m sad to report that we are not having a Symposium this year, nor in 2023. It is possible that they will return in 2024, but that hasn’t been decided on. It’s great to know that there is interest in them continuing, I’ve let our organizers know. We’ll certainly send out a blast if/when the next one is scheduled, and it would be great to meet you both there!

~ Stacie

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Hello @swolny, Thank you for the info. :slight_smile: Have a great day ahead.

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