[Collaboration Inquiry] Water ecoservice model development + data partner

Hellow Natcap community!

Ecomonitor (www.ecomonitor.xyz) is working on developing a set of hybrid models (system dynamics x agent based) with a focus on water resource management (risk and benefits ecoservice models). We’d love to collaborate with other open source builders who are working in this area or organizations with water related data and analytics issue. Some questions that would be interesting for us to explore are:

  1. What are the risks in depletion of water supply in the near future for mega cities?
  2. What are the risks in coastal erosion?
  3. What are the vulnerabilities in coastlines? (Ex: Bangladesh, Vietnam, Island countries)
  4. How does change in ocean temperature affect ecosystem and sea level rise (and local community, coral reef, ecotourism impact)?
  5. What are the presence of species changes given changes in water resources?

Please feel free to reply to this thread or get in touch with me directly at min-si@ecomonitor.info (Min-Si)