Installation problems with versions above 3.8.2x86

I have tried to install version 3.8.4x86, 3.8.5x86 and 3.8.6x86 in all an error produced by Phyton appears to me, in addition I have seen that there are two questions where they refer to the same with window 10, in my case it is window 7 ultimate . The error is shown in the screenshot, I am assuming that when they updated the program they used more advanced versions of Phyton and therefore it does not work. I thank anyone who has information about it.

Version 3.8.2x86 does not give a problem, it works perfectly in window 7 ultimate.


Hi @marios,

Thanks for the post and the heads up to the rest of the community. That is pretty strange that 3.8.2 works but not any of the later bug fixes. We bumped a few library versions like Pandas and our internal TaskGraph but not Python.

We have another user with the same issue over at this thread: I can not start Invest.

Could you look through that dialogue and see if any of those suggested troubleshoots work?

Unfortunately Windows stopped supporting Windows 7 in January of this year so we don’t actively test our builds on it.



Hi Doug

Thanks you to respond.

Yes I know that window 7 has not supporting, but I see two case in this community that have the same problem using window 10, by this reason y suposse that is a problem with an actualization of phyton including in the actualization of window all versions.



Hi @marios, could you try this development build and see if it runs? It contains a change that might fix the issue, but it would be very helpful if you could see if it really does!


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Hi Doug thank you a lot, I use the link and I install the software with extension x86 without problems.



Great! I’m glad that development build fixed things for you.

For anyone coming across this issue later on, we released the fix for this in InVEST 3.8.7.