Intermediate output: lulc_[suffix].tif has seemingly wrong lucodes

Urban cooling model gives me seemingly wrong outputs. I suspect InVEST might do not correctly record lucodes from landcover tif file since intermediate lulc_[suffix].tif has seemingly wrong lucodes. Is it OK the lulc_[suffix].tif has different lucodes from the lucodes that are designated by myself in the landcover tif file? Otherwise, does InVEST automatically give original lucodes which operate in it?

Hello @TAKAHASHI_Takuya, and welcome!

InVEST should not change your lucodes, especially since it requires the raster’s lucodes to match the values in your biophysical table so it can map the kc, shade etc values from the biophysical table to the land cover types. Can you provide an example of what you’re seeing that looks wrong, comparing the input landcover map and the intermediate lulc.tif result?

~ Stacie

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Hi, Stacy!

Thanks a lot for your reply. The input TIFF file has somewhat non-ordered lucodes while the intermediate TIFF file has ordered 1 to 27 lucodes. This may be caused by the band name assigned to the input TIFF file, Dai_C_New. I am now inquring how to change a band name to lucode (or another band name) with ESRI service people.

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Hi Taku -

I’m not sure what you mean by “non-ordered lucodes”. When I’ve looked at any raster attribute table, the Value field has always appeared in order from low to high values, but that attribute table can be re-ordered by other fields that would make them non-ordered. Theoretically that shouldn’t matter, what should be important to InVEST is that the code for “park” in the TIFF is the same as the lucode for “park” in the biophysical table.

Are you using a multi-band raster as input to the model? If so, make sure that the landcover data you want is in the first band, I think InVEST uses the first band by default. I’d recommend saving that band to its own separate TIFF file so it’s a single-band raster, and use that in the model.

~ Stacie

Hi, Stacie!

Now I understand my mistake. I errorneously tried to turn text numbers into values. ArcGIS Pro assigned ordered numbers as values while attaching text data to each pixels. Thanks for you explanation. It helped me a lot.