InVEST 3.9.2 Release

The latest InVEST release 3.9.2 is now available! Head over to our website to download the latest version.

One important change that should help some users who have been experiencing PATH related issues with 3.9.1 on Windows is:

  • The InVEST binaries on Windows now no longer inspect the %PATH% when looking for GDAL DLLs. This fixes an issue where InVEST would not launch on computers where the %PATH% either
    contained other environment variables or was malformed.

Some other useful updates include:

  • The Annual Water Yield model name is now standardized throughout InVEST. This model has been known in different contexts as Hydropower, Hydropower Water Yield, or Annual Water Yield. This name was chosen to emphasize that the model can be used for purposes other than hydropower (though the valuation component is hydropower-specific) and to highlight its difference from the Seasonal Water Yield model. The corresponding python module, formerly natcap.invest.hydropower.hydropower_water_yield, is now natcap.invest.annual_water_yield.

  • Seasonal Water Yield

    • Fixed a bug in validation where providing the monthly alpha table would cause a ‚ÄúSpatial file has no projection‚ÄĚ error. The montly alpha table was mistakenly being validated as a spatial file.

You can find all the release notes here:

:green_heart: NatCap Software Team