InVEST 3.9.0 Released Today

Hello NatCap Forums! Today we are excited to announce the InVEST 3.9.0 release!

It’s been awhile since the 3.8.9 bugfix release so we have a lot of good stuff to cover and we strongly recommend you update :slight_smile:

  • Coastal Blue Carbon has been re-written and not only includes a lot of fixes but is in a much better place for us to maintain and support it. Check out the updated User Guide for CBC here. Thanks for the help @kwarnell!

  • Habitat Quality has been refactored and includes what we think is a much better way of specifying threat raster inputs! It also uses TaskGraph to avoid re-computation. See the updated Users Guide for HQ here.

  • InVEST now uses GDAL 3.1.2+

  • InVEST is now a 64-bit binary built against Python 3.7!

  • Added pour point detection option as an alternative to providing an outlet features
    vector for DelineateIt.

  • Urban Cooling valuation types can now be run independently.

  • Mac OS Updates:

    • Now code-signing the MacOS distribution and using a DMG distribution format. See Installing on a Mac under the Getting Started section of the Users Guide.
    • HTML Docs and HISTORY.rst is no longer shipped with MacOS distribution but can be
      found here: Users-Guide-Latest and Changelog.
    • MacOS 11 “Big Sur” support.
  • Improved error messages for those pesky KeyErrors when a LULC value is not found in a corresponding table!

  • Better hanlding of rasters with no defined nodata values.

  • Fixed issues with handling Byte rasters.

  • Many more bugfixes across models including Annual Water Yield, Coastal Vulnerability,
    DelineateIt, Finfish, Forest Carbon Edge Effect, GLOBIO, SDR, Seasonal Water Yield,
    Urban Flood Risk

  • For a full rundown, see our changelog here:

Download the latest version for your operating system at:

Or python users, download the latest from

Lots of these improvements come from the great conservations that happen on this forum, so we’d like to say THANK YOU. This forum community continues to grow and there’s nothing better than seeing community members interact and help one another.

The NatCap Software Team


hello, I downloaded the 3.9.0 version in my MacBook, and it didn’t work, just popped put a sentence “NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.No such object:”. What should I do?

Hi @Pan,

I’m going to make a new thread for this since it’s an error.