Invest model Annual Water Yield watershed Boundary disjoint

Why is my watershed map projection the same as the previous data, and he still reminds me that the boundaries do not intersect?When inputting other data, the model didn’t report any errors, only when inputting the watershed vector file, the model indicated that the boundaries didn’t intersect.Attached is a screenshot of the model.

Hi @3530611553 -

Thanks for that information. I can’t be certain, but it looks like your watershed layer does have the projection Transverse Mercator, and datum WGS84, but that’s not the same as having the projection UTM Zone 49N with datum WGS1984. The coordinate systems need to be exactly the same for InVEST, but these are not.

It looks like you’re using ArcGIS. When you Project the watershed layer, when you select the Output Coordinate System, one of the choices is Layers. If you expand that, you can choose the coordinate system from one of your other spatial inputs, like Precipitation. That way you’ll know that they’re exactly the same.

I can also recommend a training video we made called Coordinate Systems Using ArcGIS, which you can find a link to and sample data on this web page.

~ Stacie


Thank you very much. The problem has been solved.