InVEST SDR freezes

Hi software team! I’m running the SDR model and it is freezing unexpectedly in the middle of the run. I’m running Minnesota at 30m so it’s a large run. Would this be a reason for it to freeze? I eventually canceled the run after waiting for it to move forward…see log file. Thanks for any insight! - Eric
InVEST-natcap.invest.sdr.sdr-log-2024-07-09–18_35_54.txt (71.0 KB)

Hello @lons0011 !

That’s a pretty big run! We recently fixed an issue that cropped up on another really big run where the model wasn’t able to handle rasters with more than 2^32 pixels. In case this is the same issue manifesting as a freeze instead of a crash, could you try downloading InVEST 3.14.2 from our website and see if that fixes the issue?

If it doesn’t, could you share your inputs with us so we can take a closer look?