Is there any method to make attribute table?


After I ran Habitat Quality and Carbon, I would like to calculate the value. I tried raster calculate; Int and Con but I can not identify attribute table in ArcGIS pro. Is there any method to make attribute table?

Thanks very much.

Hi @jihwan -

ArcGIS will only create a raster attribute table if the raster is of type integer, it will not create one if it is of type floating point. There is a specific tool Create Raster Attribute Table, but only for integer rasters. I don’t know how you want to calculate the value, but aside from the attribute table, most raster calculator functions should work on floating point.

~ Stacie

Thank you for response.
In Habitat Quality, the value is from 0 to 1. I want to separate 4 part. For example, 0-0.25, 0.25-0.5, 0.75-1. In order to separate, I need attribute table. After I export table, I can calculate the value in excel.

Thank you.
~ Jihwan

Hello Jihwan, were you able to build the raster attribute table? Pl provide details.


If you only need to visualize the raster with 4 classes, you can do that in the raster’s Symbology.

Another idea is to use the Reclassify tool to assign, say, a value of 1 to values 0-0.25, a value of 2 to values 0.25-0.5, etc. You would not have all of the original values in the raster attribute table, only the values 1-4, but you would have each of those classes grouped and easy to work with.

If you really need to see the value for every pixel and work with it outside of the GIS, I think you’ll need to turn the values into integer, which you could do this way:

  • Multiply by a value like 1000, so you retain as many decimal places as you need
  • Use the GIS Int function to create an integer raster
  • The integer raster either should have a raster attribute table already made, or you can make one with the tool Create Raster Attribute Table
  • Export the resulting attribute table
  • Open the integer attribute table in Excel
  • Divide all of the values by 1000 to obtain the original values
  • This will probably be a huge table!

I know this is a pain, but that’s just how floating point rasters are handled by ArcGIS. It is not InVEST imposing this limitation, it’s the GIS software.

~ Stacie