Launch of InVest software fails

I am new user and just got introduced the Natural capital project.
Have downloaded the inVest software, but not able to launch the software -does need to be linked with qgis or argis?

Hello @arkajyoti -

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No, InVEST does not need to be linked with ArcGIS or QGIS, they are standalone programs. What happens when you try to launch the software? Do you get any error messages? And are you using Windows or Mac?

~ Stacie

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Having the same issue, there doesn’t seem to be anything inside the folder will launch the application

Hi @BrianSal,

Thanks for posting and sorry you’re having some issues. Can you share:

  • What OS are you using?
  • How did you download InVEST?
  • Did any errors occur when installing InVEST?
  • Have you successfully downloaded, installed, and used prior versions of InVEST?

Knowing which OS you are on will help focus further questions for troubleshooting.



Using Windows,
I downloaded through this link
No errors when downloaded, but I did install on an external Hard drive that is not my C drive
Never used InVEST before.

Just to follow up on @dcdenu4’s questions, we would normally expect some shortcuts to have been created in the start menu, one for each of the InVEST models. Do you see an InVEST folder in your start menu containing those shortcuts?

Hey @BrianSal,

Just thought I’d follow up. Could you comment on:

  • Whether you see an InVEST folder in your start menu containing shortcuts?
  • Whether installing on your local C drive (no need to install the data if space is a concern) works?

Cheers and thanks for trying InVEST!


So it turns out I have to search for each model in the search bar and it will work.

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Oh great. I do know that on my version of Windows 10, if I click on the Windows icon next to the search bar, I can scroll down to an InVEST 3.8.7 folder, which will expand to show the models.

Glad you were able to get InVEST running.