MESH 0.9.0 error

I’ve install mesh 0.9.0 and when I try to create a new scenaria it gives me an error (IOError encountered: No such file or directory: C:\MESH_0.9.0\bin\mesh_models\jquery-1.6.2.min.js).
In fact the mesh_models directory doesn’t exist.

Can any one help me with this?

Best regards

Luis L


Hi Luis, I should be able to fix this with an update to MESH. To better understand the error though, can you say when exactly this error is generated? Is it when you go to create scenario and then click on the InVEST scenario generator, or is it when you actually run the scenario generator?

Dear johnson,

I am learning how to use and understand MESH model.

And i wanna ask Do you have an user’s Guide?

Thanks very much.

All the best,

Hi Amy, Glad to hear you’re interesting in using MESH! The documentation can be found here: