Model validation of specific models

Hello everyone,

Please can someone help with approaches to validate the crop production (CP), seasonal water yield (SWY), habitat quality (HQ) and nutrient delivery ratio (NDR) models.
This is critical to my on-going research.

Thank you as you respond to this request.


Hi @rsa_seun -

For NDR, I recommend reading this paper, written by one of our hydrologists, which includes sensitivity, uncertainty, and comparing with observed data:

Hamel, P., Guswa A.J. 2015. Uncertainty Analysis of the InVEST 3.0 Nutrient Model: Case Study of the Cape Fear Catchment, NC. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussion 11:11001-11036.

SWY is harder, since only quickflow is quantified, baseflow is an index, and if you compare against stream gauge data, it will generally be a combination of both. The User Guide says this in the Limitations section:

One possibility is to validate the relative values (i.e. the distribution of values across the landscape). This requires several (at least >3, more realistically >5) stream gauges, which can be compared with the baseflow generation output of the model. Alternatively, results may be compared to a different spatially-explicit model, if it is available.

I’m only familiar with one NatCap study that did calibration on Habitat Quality, which you can read about in this paper:

Bhagabati, Nirmal K., Taylor Ricketts, Thomas Barano Siswa Sulistyawan, Marc Conte, Driss Ennaanay, Oki Hadian, Emily McKenzie, Nasser Olwero, Amy Rosenthal, Heather Tallis and Stacie Wolny. Biological Conservation 169:147-156.

Sorry, but I don’t know enough about the Crop Production model to help with that.

~ Stacie