NDR Task Align Raster Issue

I get an error that says “something went wrong when adding task align rasters” and that “bounding boxes do not intersect”
I have clipped each raster/vector to the same extent and (I believe) the same projection so I’m not quite sure where the issue lies on the geospatial data side of things.

My zipped file says it is too big to upload here so I put it on Google Drive - here is the link

Thanks for any help!.

Welcome to the forum, @will!

When posting an error, we always recommend including the entire log file (.txt) that’s created in your Workspace. It often contains more information that helps us troubleshoot. Thank you.

~ Stacie

@will, I just took a quick look at your spatial inputs, and they use 3 different coordinate systems, two of which have linear units of meters, the other one has linear units of feet. You’ll need to choose one coordinate system that is in units of meters (our models generally require metric units, as is noted in the User Guide) and reproject/warp the other layers to match.

~ Stacie


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