New InVEST Workbench (beta release)

Dear InVEST community,

We are pleased to share an early release of the next generation of the InVEST user-interface. We’re calling it the Workbench. This is a desktop application for running InVEST models. The models have not changed, but the user-interface has!

We hope some of you will try out this beta version and let us know what works and what does not. Your feedback is very valuable. If you would like, we would love to see a screenshot of the Workbench running on your machine! Feel free to reply to this thread.

The Workbench is packaged with an otherwise unreleased version of InVEST, which will soon become version 3.10.

Windows installer:

Mac installer:

Note to Mac users:

We are still in the process of getting the proper certificates from Apple, so after installing this dmg, you will need to cmd-click (right-click) on the .app and select Open. A simple double-click won’t work. And then you may have to wait a minute for Apple to do security scans before the application opens. That will only happen the very first time after installation. After that, the app should open quickly.


Hello there folks. new interface looks really nice, gives an “integrated valuation feeling” with all models at a click. congrats. Would be nice if the model calibration parameters came with the default values pre-loaded, for example in the SDR model with Borselli, MaxSDR and IC0 with 2/0.8/0.5 values already filled at launch. bye!


Dear InVEST developers

The new interface of the model is looking great. However, as I suggested in my previous comment, the LS factor in the SDR sub-model is still can not be customized. In other words, users are not allowed to calculate the LS factor with another formula. My strong suggestion is the LS factor in the SDR sub-model should be put like the advanced and default options of the seasonal water yield sub-model. In general, two options (i.e., one user-defined and another with default) are needed for calculating the LS factor in the SDR sub-model. I hope that my suggestions will be considered in the next version of the model.

With Kind Regards
Temesgen Gashaw (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Department of Natural Resource Management
College of Agriculture and Environmental Science
Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia