InVEST 3.13.0 crashes on Windows x86

Latest version of InVEST ran on my PC for a few weeks and then one day stopped.
Now when I open the application it simply shows the logo and then shuts off. No errors or way to log.
I uninstalled and reinstalled but no luck. It’s strange because it worked on this PC and then one day just stopped.
Sorry no log files - just see the InVEST logo and then the program closes.

Hi @gverutes ! Thanks for letting us know.

Could you check for and *.log files in C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\invest-workbench\logs and share them all here?

After that, you could try deleting that invest-workbench folder and that will hopefully resolve the problem. Let us know!

Thanks, Dave. I deleted some files before uninstalling completely. Rookie Windows mistake. Anyways, I’m using Mac and all is well. Sorry I cannot help troubleshoot further. I appreciate quick reply.

Okay, no problem, Gregg. If you do end up back on Windows and install the Workbench again, it should re-create that folder with the logfiles. So it could be interesting to see those files, though no guarantee they will contain the explanation.

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