Offshore Wind Energy Production

i’m running Offshore Wind Energy Production , I experience an error (ValueError: could not convert string to float), How can I fix it.

Hi @Adam -

Please upload the whole log file (type .txt) that the model produced in your Workspace, that may have more information to help us debug. Thanks.

~ Stacie

Kindly find the uploaded error document
InVEST-Wind-Energy-log-2019-12-10–23_08_13.txt (3.9 KB)

Thanks @Adam, for posting the log file. It shows that you entered Raster.tif.ovr for the bathymetry input, but .ovr files do not contain coordinate system data. This could be why the final error occurs, “Exception: The datasets’ intersection is empty (i.e., not all the datasets touch each other).” Instead of Raster.tif.ovr, input the file Raster.tif, and see if that helps.

~ Stacie