Wind Energy Value errors

✓ Wind Energy Maps ran successfully before, but changing turbine parameters cause run to fail.


Hi there, I have done a few preliminary runs of the wind energy output models, but upon correcting the turbine and price inputs, my model does not run…Any help would be much appreciated!

ValueError: Clipping C:\Users\HarrisonSmith\OneDrive - Wave Hub Development Services Limited\Desktop\intermediate\val_grid_points_Testrun3.shp by C:\Users\HarrisonSmith\OneDrive - Wave Hub Development Services Limited\Desktop\intermediate\clip-reproject-nrbfrygl\reprojected_clip_vector.shp returned 0 features. If an AOI was provided this could mean the AOI and Wind Data do not intersect spatially.

Log file

InVEST-natcap.invest.wind_energy-log-2022-08-06–13_36_02.txt (19.2 KB)

InVEST version

3.11.00 Workbence

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Hi @hsmith , welcome to the forums!

If all you had changed was your wind data points table, could you confirm that the locations of your wind turbines all intersect with the AOI vector? That’s the most likely cause of this error (although the specific error message is misleading).

If that doesn’t do the trick, could you share your inputs with me at so I can take a closer look?


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HI @hsmith thanks for sending your model inputs!

After taking a look, the error message that the model is producing is incorrect. The model is failing here because all of the grid points are outside of your AOI, and the model will only work with what is within the AOI.

But one other thing I noticed is that your land polygon is very complicated, and it looks like it might have been polygonized from some sort of cartographic raster since some of the textual features of a map have been rendered as square polygons within the vector. You’ll find that the multi-hour runtime of the model can be dramatically improved by using a coastline vector like the one that we ship with the InVEST Base Data that can be downloaded from here.

Let us know if this still isn’t working or if you have any further questions!

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