Output Error for HRA

Hello! Good evening! I would like to ask what possible errors I have given the generated result. The results seems very different from the given sample results.

Here is my summary statistics as well

Thank you!

Hello @mark and welcome to the forums!

From your screenshot alone it is difficult to tell what errors you are referring to.

In your screenshot, I see a couple of black pixels, which, according to your ArcMap Table of Contents are probably rasters of reclassified risk. These rasters have pixel values ranging from 0-3, so you may wish to adjust your symbology to visualize these results.

Were there any errors produced in your logfile? If so, please attach your logfile to the thread here so we can take a closer look.

Based on the attached table, there are some habitat/stressor combinations that have no calculated risk, which could mean that they are too far apart for the model to calculate risk. Please make sure that your inputs reflect what you want them to and feel free to post back here with any updates.



Hello James! Ill be trying to adjust the stressors present within the habitat accordingly. Thanks for the help. Ill get back with the updates.


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