Overlay Analysis Helper Tool: Data format

I am currently working with the Overlay Analysis Tool an older version 3.5. In the user guide, I noticed that the only data format referenced is vector. Can we use raster data as well? Specifically, one of the data set that I am using in this analysis is fisheries data ( using as an indicator of productivity) in the marine environment. The data is in raster format. Will I be able to include this raster dataset in my analysis along with the vector data? Thank you in advance.

Hi @nbwillia, welcome to the forums!

Although Overlap Analysis would use rasters to do most of its operations, all inputs are expected to be in vector format, so no, you must provide all your inputs as vectors. In general, I suspect that you’d be able to polygonize your rasters and then provide the resulting vectors as inputs.

I’d also like to point out that this model has been deprecated for several years for this and other issues, and you may find that simply writing a script to do exactly the analysis you’re looking for will be easier and more direct than trying to use an older InVEST tool that we can’t really support or maintain.

Let us know if you have any other questions!