PC options - InVEST simulations

Hello, this may be an unusual question but I think that it may be relevant for other InVEST users as well.

For my simulations, I use spatial inputs that sometimes are quite heavy (from 1 to 10GB)

Can someone please recommend me a PC “strong” enough to run those InVEST simulations with no issues?

Thank you,

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Hi @marco.guzzetti , in general any PC capable of loading the data into GIS software will also be able to run invest on those data. There are no strict requirements. You probably want at least 4GB of RAM (any modern computer will have this). And if you have a solid state drive, things will run faster than with a traditional spinning hard disk. So I would get a solid state drive, and however much RAM makes sense for your budget.

If you have had specific issues in the past, it would be interesting to hear about them.