Projection error?

Hi all,

Can anyone offset any help - I’m getting a projection error on all of my files for SDR model. They are in Projected coordinate world mercator and all the same - it is a metered projection. I have reprojected to Mollweide but am still getting the same error - not projected. Any suggestions for a global scale projection that won’t throw an error?



Hi Nicki -

It would be helpful if you post the whole log file that the model produces, there might be additional information that we can use to help debug.

The model should be able to handle a wide array of coordinate systems, I think it theoretically supports anything supported by OGR. The software team can speak more to that, meanwhile let’s see if the log file is illuminating.

~ Stacie

The one Mercator projection I know of that GDAL for sure has issues with is Web Mercator, but we’ll know more for sure about what’s affecting your model run once we can take a look at the logfile! GDAL is otherwise very good at handling a wide range of projections.

Hi Stacie,

The changed the projection to Mollweide rather than World Mercator and it seemed to be running. But I now have this error on the watersheds file??

Apologies, I’m in Australia - hence the delay in responding.

Hi @shumwayn -

That screenshot is not easy to read. Please post the log file, named something like InVEST-Sediment-Delivery-Ratio-Model-(SDR)-log-2019-11-04–10_30_32.txt, that is created in the Workspace. That contains more info (including whatever error messages are shown in the screenshot, and lots more) that may help.

~ Stacie