Rangeland Production Model v0.2.1 Without NDVI

Hello everyone, I was watching the videos where it is explained how to run the test model (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEZC3NaUXGA&t=109s&ab_channel=NaturalCapitalProject%28NatCap%29) and I see that the NDVI would go as input monthly, however in the version that I downloaded (v.0.2.1) this parameter does not appear as an input variable

Why this parameter no longer appears as an input variable? In this model, an indicator of plant productivity should be central.

Or maybe I have a problem with the installation of the software?


Hi @Kampa7 , NDVI was used in a past version of the model, v. 0.1.6, that is still available for you to download from GitHub here. You can download and run v. 0.1.6 if you like, with the sample data that are provided for that release.

Note that in version 0.1.6, NDVI was used to estimate the spatial distribution of grazing animals. Plant productivity is controlled by the parameters supplied by the user - there is no model version where NDVI was taken to be an indicator of plant productivity. It was only used to infer the location of grazing animals.

Apologies that the video is out of date with the latest release of the model.


Thank you very much for the answer, now it is much clearer to me how it works!

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You are most welcome.

Thanks @GingerK for continuing to jump in!

@Kampa7 I’ll just note that we will be deprecating the rangeland production model in the near future. All this means is that we will no longer be providing software updates or bug fixes. You will still be able to use the model as is, but resources like video tutorials or help via this forum might become a bit stale.

We sometimes deprecate software tools and models for a few reasons but mostly because we are a very small team and only have so much capacity to provide continued support and maintenance on projects.




What a shame, it is also understood. Thank you very much for the dedication and the answers. Cheers!

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