Recreation model - "[errno 12] Cannot allocate memory"

Hi there,

I attempted to run the recreation model last night and again this morning. I seem to be getting an error indicating that the run cannot allocate memory?

I saw a previous post that required a reset of the InVEST server on your end. Wondering if you might have any suggestions.


InVEST-Visitation-Recreation-and-Tourism-log-2022-02-09–10_09_55.txt (4.0 KB)

Hi @bmcgovern,

Sorry for the painful experience here. We’ve checked on the server and it’s up and running but is occupied by a few large jobs and doesn’t seem able to meet the demand for more jobs right now. If this continues to be an issue we’ll certainly scope out ways to increase server capacity.

But for now, it’s pretty much first-come, first-serve. I can see one of those large jobs should be finished in half an hour or so, so all I can say is keep trying.

@bmcgovern if you do get a successful run, it’s worth knowing about a trick that might make subsequent runs easier:

If you’re doing multiple runs to try different predictor data, and if you’re AOI and grid cell size are not changing, then using the same workspace directory for each run will allow the model to re-use the PUD results from the prior run instead of querying the server again. The model will recognize which input data is different from last time and only re-calculate what it needs to from there.


Thanks again for bringing this up, Brendan. We did a little further investigation of how memory is managed on the server and we think we found a clear way to make this particular error much less likely. The server was updated this morning.

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