RIOS pre-processor requirements

Will the ArcGIS RIOS pre-processor work using only the ArcGIS ‘‘Spatial Analyst’’ extension ?..or does the pre-processor also require other extensions ? (such as: ‘‘Interoperability’’ extension; or the ‘‘3D Analyst’’ extension; etc)

Hi @BVIB -

The RIOS pre-processor that we provide requires the Spatial Analyst extension only, no others.

Apologies, I see that you asked that in a previous post and I didn’t respond. Sorry that the Viridian version didn’t work for you. In case you’d rather try it manually, here are the step-by-step instructions that are implemented in the pre-processor. They’re described by ArcGIS functions (many of which still involve Spatial Analyst), but if you know QGIS, you might be able to do the same thing manually there without buying an Arc extension.

~ Stacie

Thanks ! Appreciate the info.