Instructions for doing the RIOS pre-processing tool steps *outside of ArcGIS*

I am looking for the instructions for doing the RIOS data pre-processing tool steps outside of ArcGIS. According the RIOS manual (on p. 72), these step-by-step instructions are available upon request through this user forum? Doing it in QGIS would be most useful, if possible…but also I have and I use several other generic GIS software too.

Or…if it is simply too complicated and too time consuming and not worth doing outside of ArcGIS, let me know that too.

Thank you !

a new user

Hi @BVIB -

Here’s what I’d recommend: A wonderful user at Viridian Logic ported the pre-processor to open source code, which does not require ArcGIS, and I highly recommend giving it a try - here’s his page on GitHub . That will be much easier than doing it manually.

I can dig up the step-by-step instructions if you really want to do it manually. It’s a lot of steps.


Thanks. I did successfully open the Viridian Logic’s Python script for the RIOS data pre-processor into QGIS and it shows and seems to possibly function OK within the Python windows in QGIS. However, unfortunately, I have no idea how to use the Python RIOS data pre-processor script (load data files, run, gets results). I think I’ll just have to stick to using the RIOS data pre-processor for ArcGIS.

Do you happen to know if the only extension(s) that the RIOS data pre-processor for ArcGIS uses is the Spatial Analyst extension? From a few quick tests I made loading some data files into the RIOS data pre-processor for ArcGIS, it looks like that should be the only additional extension I would need buy to use the RIOS data pre-processor for ArcGIS ?

Thanks. Cheers !

Gordon (user: BVIB)