Running ROOT Error/ RootInputError

Hello everyone,
I’m using ROOT but I have probleme i have error:
RootInputError encountered: Error in AM table: the following mash rasters could not be located.

When I make changes to the ‘path’ in the file, another error still occurs:
TypeError encountered: expected str, bytes ot os.PathLike object, not NoneType.

If you have a good solution, please reply as soon as possible. If you have a higher version of the ROOT software installation package or useful tutorials, they can also be provided. Thank you.

Hi Hannah, thanks for reaching out. We need more information to help you. Can you please put the following in a google drive and share the link with me here:

-the log files of the 2 runs you mention
-your AM table
-screenshot of your AM rasters, showing the path
-ROOT version you are using

I’ll have a look to see if I can find the problem.


Hi Nadine,
I am really so happy to receive your reply. I have learned in other threads that AOI Shapefile is mandatory and the appropriate graphic file must be entered to run successfully. Since I don’t have the corresponding AOI file for the sample data, I chose a different shapefile, and it worked (although the result image is invalid).

I am using ROOT version 3.12.1, if you can provide me with a higher version or a better ROOT, I would be very grateful!

That’s great! Give me a day or two to hear from the developer about the latest version and I’ll get back to you.

Hi Nadine,
It is with great excitement that I express my gratitude to you. If you hear anything about it, feel free to contact me at your convenience.