ROOT error:can't run it

Currently I am working on ROOT and have a problem to run it. As for the Targets Table.csv, I’ve typed “name”, but it showed the error that: Required field: “name” not found in [‘name’, ‘cons_type’ ‘value’]. Could you tell me what should I do?

Hi @zhen,

As a good first check, could you verify that your “name” column doesn’t have a space before or after it in the table? And if that doesn’t fix the issue, could you upload your table to this thread so we can take a look?


Hi@ jdouglass
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply my question, it cannot be run due to spaces. We look forward to the results of the ROOT software, but now I have a new problem. The root log showed that ValueError: Impact Potential Raster and Potential Conversion Mask might not have identical spatial extents. However, the Pixels of Potential Conversion Mask must have values of 1 or NODATA, respectively. So it will lead to a difference in the space extents(Figure), what should I do?

Hi @zhen -

You can still create rasters that cover the same spatial extents. Even if the values of “1” occur in places that don’t overlap, the pixels with NoData values will still overlap.

I’m not sure how you are creating your inputs, or which GIS software you’re using, but you can generally set an environment variable that tells the software to output a raster that has the same spatial extent as some other raster. So you could do something like set that spatial extent variable to a layer that covers your whole area of interest, then copy/export your impact potential and potential conversion layers using that spatial extent. This should create results that cover the whole area of interest, with NoData values everywhere except where the Impact Potential or Potential Conversion is set to 1.

See if that helps, and let us know.

~ Stacie

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Hi swolny and jdouglass
Thank you very much, your help is my motivation to move forward and improve. According to your suggestion, I created the same spatial extent with GIS and it ran successfully.

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