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Hi everyone,

I ran the scenario generator to create new land cover maps. It worked well and returned me a new LULC map. However, the users’ guide said that except the pixels converted, all the other pixels would remain the same. Within the new map I got, all the pixels were slightly changed including the value of columns. It looks like the raster was reprojected. I have no idea what’s wrong with my instructions. As shown in the screenshot, the blue symbol and the yellow symbol represent the same landuse class in different scenarios, which were not converted. They are supposed to be coincided, while there are slight differences among them. Could anyone help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone,

I reran this sub-model and kind of fixed the problem. Since I set an area of interest (AOI) when I ran the model before, the model adjusted the land use map according to the AOI first, and then conducted the conversion processes. It seems that the shape and location of pixels were slightly changed during the adjustment process. Therefore, I extracted the land use map before input it this time and kept the AOI empty (it’s optional anyway). The results are perfectly coincided with the original map this time.

Hope this would help some of you. If you have better solutions for this problem, please reply me as well! Thanks!

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