SWY model error: ERROR 4 unable to open ESPG support file gcs.csv

Hello community and developers,
I am having trouble changing from version 3.7 to version 3.8.
I am running the SWY model, with the the same input data but in version 3.8. I get a " : ERROR 4 unable to open ESPG support file gcs.csv".
I understand that it must be something arround the projection of the spatial files, but it would be good if you could help me elucidate what I should to to modify the files so the model can run.
Log file attached ->InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2020-04-03–11_00_05.txt (1.5 MB)
Thanks in advance,

Hi @felipebenra,

Could you take a look and your Environment Variables on Windows and see if you have a GDAL_DATA defined? We’ve had issues before where an already-defined GDAL_DATA can mess with InVEST and cause errors like these.

Let us know how this goes!

In fact, I changed the already-defined GDAL_DATA by changing it through windows promt (my case).
As I was running the model on a server, so I had to define GDAL_DATA just for my profile. This overruns the default setting of the whole server and makes possible to work without trouble with the SWY model.


Ok great! I’m glad to hear that worked out, and yes, better to just change it in the one process you need it rather than system-wide :slight_smile:

FWIW we’ll be including better handling of GDAL_DATA in a future version of InVEST as well, but until then, we’ll just need to modify environment variables!