SWY model soil hydrological group - for water bodies?

Can I use no data in preparing the soil hydrological group raster data?
I have prepared soil data for A, B, C and D group but research area is including the lake area.
I don’t know what soil hydrological group should be in water bodies such as lake? So can I use no data? pls leave comment for this issue thank you.

Hi @Jerry46 -

Wherever you have NoData pixels in any of your input rasters, you will have NoData in the model output. That may be ok for water bodies, depending on your use. It is tough that soil data usually doesn’t have values in lakes (and glaciers, and other places it’s hard to measure), so something that I have done is to fill in the missing lake data with the dominant soil value around the lake. Of course, this is making an assumption about soil type, but it’s based on local data, and if you want this area to have model results, it’s a reasonable thing to do.

~ Stacie