Why water_yield_vol gives zero?

I don’t know why I have 0 for water_yeild_vol while i have a value for water_yeild_mn, please how i can solve this problem?

Welcome to the forums @lati ! Could you provide your watershed results vector and your logfile from this model run (a .txt file in your workspace) from the model run so that we can take a look?


Thank you @jdouglass
here are the documents requested

InVEST-natcap.invest.annual_water_yield-log-2023-06-15–13_18_22.txt (24.2 KB)
vatershed_vector.Zip.zip (222.3 KB)

Hi @lati -

Thanks for uploading the watershed data. It looks like you used a linear stream network for the watershed input to the model. But the watershed input should be one or more polygons, which define the areas that drain into the streams. You can see an example of this in the sample data that is provided for the water yield model.

~ Stacie

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