Trouble with versions: upgrading to 3.8 on windows 7

Hey everyone,

I tried to download the new spiffy 3.8 onto my old window 7 computer, but alas, the software wouldn’t even start up. I downgraded to 3.7. I was able to run SDR just fine in 3.7. All was well - but I still wonder why I can’t run 3.8. Any ideas? I had entirely reinstalled my windows 7 operating system and then reinstalled all software, so the machine should be clean.

It would be nice to play with the new models.


Hi @kfalinski, thanks for letting us know about this and welcome to the forums!

These sorts of crashes usually come down to a missing DLL, but it’s really tough to pin down without having a Windows 7 system on hand. I’ll look into what we can do to reproduce the issue, but in the meantime, could you let us know what the error is when running the invest executable from the command-line?

To do this, you should be able to run the following:

  1. Open a command-prompt (either cmd.exe or Powershell should work)
  2. Type this at the command prompt: C:\InVEST_3.8.0_x86\invest-3-x86\invest.exe run sdr
  3. Copy and paste or screenshot the error message into this thread so we can take a closer look.