Urban Stormwater Retention Model: Estimating runoff coefficients from a SWMM model

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I am reading through the user guide for the Urban Stormwater Retention model and chanced upon the part where it mentioned that SWMM can be used to estimate runoff coefficients for the study area, and the “approach is described in the SI of Hamel et al. (2021)…”.

I can’t seem to find the article mentioned here, could someone kindly share the article or advise on which article this is referring to?

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Hi @ShLo -

Apologies that the reference for this paper is missing from the User Guide, I’ll add it now:


Hamel, P., Guerry, A.D., Polasky, S. et al. Mapping the benefits of nature in cities with the InVEST software. npj Urban Sustain 1, 25 (2021).

The information about SWMM is in the Supplementary Information, not the main text.

~ Stacie


Hi @swolny, thank you for sharing the article! :+1:

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