User Guide is missing the pdf version

Just downloaded InVEST and the user guide in .pdf is not available. Using a series of html pages is difficult and less useful. Can someone post the .pdf version, please?
The following statement in the HTML version is inaccurate:

Installing InVEST and sample data on your Windows computer

Download the InVEST installer from InVEST | Natural Capital Project. The executable will be called “InVEST__Setup.exe”. Double-click on this .exe to run the installer.

After clicking through the first screen and agreeing to the Licence Agreement, the Choose Components screen will appear. The installer will always install the InVEST Tools and HTML and " PDF versions of the InVEST User’s Guide. "

Once installed, the InVEST install folder will contain the following:

  • A documentation folder, containing the InVEST User Guide in HTML format.
  • An invest-3-x64 folder, containing the compiled Python code that makes up the InVEST toolset.
  • :" InVEST__Documentation.pdf, the InVEST User Guide in PDF format." NOT PROVIDED IN THE DOWNLOAD
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Please see the user guide website. A HTML copy of the user guide is only included in the download as a backup for users who may have unreliable internet access. We publish the user guide as a web page rather than a PDF because it makes it possible to have better search, navigation, and formatting features, and it’s easier for search engines to find.