Which dataset to use for Root restricting layer depth

I was trying to use SoilGrids250m 2.0 data from ISRIC but each property has all the depth (0-5cm, 5-15cm,15-30cm,30-60cm,60-100cm,100-200cm), there is no dataset that specifically shows the root restricted layer depth, how to estimate the parameter?

Hi @Popza,

I don’t think ISRIC provides root layer depth data worldwide, they do have a dataset for Africa though: https://data.isric.org/geonetwork/srv/eng/catalog.search#/metadata/c77d1209-56e9-4cac-b76e-bbf6c7e3a617

I think that you can estimate the root restricted layer depth in several ways. The user’s guide says that “If root restricting layer depth or rootable depth by soil type is not available, soil depth can be used as a proxy.” This depth to bedrock dataset could be useful for that. You could also take into account the soil data available from ISRIC such as pH and soil type. Maybe someone with more knowledge about soil modeling could help more :slight_smile:

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In the past, we’ve used ISRIC’s depth to bedrock dataset for Annual Water Yield. Nice that they now have it at 250m instead of the previous 1km layers. So I can recommend that, just note that the units are centimeters.

~ Stacie


Thanks for confirming that @swolny! I was just going to ask if you knew about how root restricting layer depth is calculated.

Thank you for your contribution, really appreciate it, that’s what has been giving me a headache.