Why did this error occur

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Why did this error occur

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InVEST-natcap.invest.urban_nature_access-log-2024-05-21–19_17_39.txt (2.6 KB)

Hello @zidian, and welcome to the forum!

The error message says this:

ValueError: Bounding boxes do not intersect. Base list: [[397542.6668999996, 2505698.7336999997, 498512.6668999996, 2616638.7336999997], [811394.0680542188, 2376872.095902946, 937594.0680542188, 2538472.095902946]] mode: intersection result: [811394.0680542188, 2505698.7336999997, 498512.6668999996, 2538472.095902946]

If you search this forum for “bounding box”, you will see many posts related to this bounding box error. Please check them out and let us know if none of them help fix the problem.

Software team, I am curious about this warning that also appears:

2024-05-21 19:17:39,498 (osgeo) utils._log_gdal_errors(97) WARNING [errno 1] The definition of projected CRS EPSG:4547 got from GeoTIFF keys is not the same as the one from the EPSG registry, which may cause issues during reprojection operations. Set GTIFF_SRS_SOURCE configuration option to EPSG to use official parameters (overriding the ones from GeoTIFF keys), or to GEOKEYS to use custom values from GeoTIFF keys and drop the EPSG code.

Can anyone translate this into non-code speak for future reference?

~ Stacie

Thank you, I have solved this problem