"Windows Protected Your PC" During InVEST 3.14.2 Installation

Greetings, all!

As of InVEST 3.14.2, we switched to a new code-signing certificate that is very likely to show a warning like the one below when you run the InVEST installer for the first time on Windows. When this happens, simply click the “Run anyway” button and the installation will proceed.

This dialog will change in a couple days or weeks, once enough people have installed InVEST that Micrisoft SmartScreen has developed trust in our new certificate. This is unfortunately an unavoidable part of the rollout of a new code-signing certificate, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Once this issue is resolved in the next couple of weeks, it should not happen again until at least 2027, when we receive a new code-signing certificate.

Please feel free to leave any questions about this here in the thread.