Annual Water Yield ValueError: missing values

I met a same question, but the missing values are:[255].
“ValueError: Values in the LULC raster were found that are not represented under the ‘lucode’ column of the Biophysical table. The missing values found in the LULC raster but not the table are: [255].”
Could u tell me how to deal with it? thanks!

Hi Kevin. The values in the LULC raster is not similar to lucode in the biophysical table or exist LULC in the raster that is not complete in the biophysical table . For example, in the LULC raster, the class “grass” is 1, the “urban” is 2 and “native forest” is 3. In the biophysical table, the code must be exact to number of class.

LULC_desc. lucode

grass. 1
urban. 2
native forest 3

I hope to help you!

Hi!Thank u for your assistance!However,the lucode in Land Use raster had been matched with lucode in biophysical table shown in the picture.

That’s ok. In the LULC raster exist NoValue Data or NoData pixel?