Any ideas for my search for entry-level position in environmental protection?

Hello all,

I’m Keshav Boddula from Los Angeles suburb, but currently in Bangalore, India (but no, not in software/programming), and just recently completed Coursera’s offering of “Ecosystem Services: A Method for Sustainable Development” course, which is how I learned about Natcap.

Anybody have some suggestions for me as to where I may look for an entry-level, paid position in environmental protection (preferably somewhere close to where I am now, in India of course).

It’s interesting how recently my unofficial work in South India of trying to naturally-scientifically help transition to better ways of living (like better farming practices, through the W.W.O.O.F. program) coincided with that course on methods/tools to be more aware of our unsustainable, destructive impact on ecosystems…

Anyway, here is my resume in case it may be of help.

Also, there was this Water Cup Challenge in the state of Maharashtra, India put on by the Paani (water) Foundation that makes use of our competitive natures (of villagers) to help protect the environment, and I have also been thinking that the software / tools that Natcap uses could of course be helpful in recognizing businesses, and other people that are having better, environmentally best practices, right?

Thanks for all of your help in environmental protection!