Carbon storage model "file not found" errors

Hello everyone when I want to run carbon storage and sequestration model input of my study area lulc give me error what’s the reason please guide me

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I use invest 3.14.2 workbench

I don’t know because I am familiar with these kind. Of platform please help me I want learn more about invest model

Hi @imtiaz_1234 -

The error messages say “File not found”. This means that InVEST cannot find the data you specified at the locations
G:\New folder\2001.copyraster.tif

Have you checked to make sure that these file paths and file names are valid and accessible? If they are located on a remote server/network location, is that network connection working properly? If they are in a network location, have you tried moving them to a local hard drive to see if the error persists?

~ Stacie