Carbon storage model for multiple years

I’m doing carbon storage model for 20 years. running model for each year.(2001-2018).
i have two questions

  1. if i am doing for 2001 can i give 2002 as my future
  2. also can we keep the biophysical table constant for all year.


Yes, you can run the model on each year so that current_year=X and future_year=X+1. That will give you the carbon sequestration from each year to the next.

You can keep the biophysical table constant if none of the biophysical parameters changed.

Thanks for your reply, can you help me where i can get the biophysical data for india, except the literature review.

Hi @aldrin, you could check our database of publications using InVEST. There are few publications using the InVEST carbon model in India that might be useful a useful starting point for you.


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