Carbon Sequestration Model - Calendar Years

Hello InVEST community,

I am working with the carbon storage and sequestration model. I have a question regarding the input calender years (present and future landcover).

Example: current landcover 2000, future 2015

Is the full year of the current landcover included to calculate the time difference between the two indicated years, or not? So, will InVEST calculate a) from the 01.01.2000 till the 31.12.2015 (16 years) or b) from the 01.01.2001 till the 31.12.2015 (15 years)?

Thank you and regards, Andreas


Do you have information regarding that topic?
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @a_rothenhaeusler ,

That’s a great question. From my understanding ( I’m a software engineer with NatCap ) you can think of it as 01.01.2000 to 12.31.2014 ( or 01.01.2015). That’s to say that the valuation constant used is calculated over a span from 0 to 14 ( 2015 - 2000 - 1 ). So, 2000 inclusive and 2015 exclusive in that sense. Hopefully this helps and wasn’t more confusing!


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