Crop Production _ Directory to model data

Hello, I’m trying to run the Crop Production model using InVEST 3.8.0. Since it needs the base Monfreda Dataset I’m trying to download it from

However, it seems to me that this dataset is not available. Could you please indicate another link?

Thank you in advance,

I would also need the sccepted crop names for both the percentile and regression models, since these links don’t work for me



Again, thank you!

Hi @marco.guzzetti, if you use the InVEST installer on Windows, the Monfreda dataset and all associated tables will be stored in sample_data\CropProduction within the InVEST installation directory. Definitely the easiest way to get the Monfreda dataset is to simply install the Crop Production sample data in this way.

If you do need to download the sample data by hand, it can be downloaded from here:

The user’s guide has been updated to reflect these updated paths.

Hope this helps!

Thank you @jdouglass, I didn’t download the samples when I installed InVEST.

I appreciate your help!