Crop production regression model - fertilization rate data sources

I’ve run the Crop production regression model, so I am building input data to run the crop model.
Especially, I am looking for data on fertilizaion rates.

What is the source of Crop fertilization rate data provided with the InVEST software? (InVEST_3.8.7_x86/sample_data/CropProduction/sample_user_data/crop_fertilization_rates)
Also, Is it possible to analyze that data?


Hi @soo,

I found this in the User’s Guide:

An example table is included below that is derived from the median values of observed CBI fertilization rates. Users can explore the raw CBI data in sample_data\CropProduction\model_data\cbi_mod_yield_use_as_check. (See the Important note above for information on obtaining these data.)

Here’s the latest Users Guide where the above quote is metioned: Crop-Production-UG

Hope this helps at least a little.