Error Invalid literal for float 0,97

Hello I´m having an error while runnin AWY model : Error Invalid literal for float 0,97
this is related to my KC value in the table . DOes anyone know what could be the cause?


Hi @Ricardo_Sand,

It looks like it could be a bad parsing of the biophysical table CSV. Do you think you could upload and attach the logfile generated by the model here? It should be in the workspace as a text document.


Hello dcdenu4

I cannot see any error in the biophysical table, I attached the log file and the table I’m using.

Thanks for your help.



InVEST-Hydropower-Water-Yield-log-2020-06-18–10_59_29.txt (4.36 KB)

WY_BZ2.csv (964 Bytes)

Hi @Ricardo_Sand,

Thanks for sharing your data. InVEST expects Comma Separated Value (CSV) inputs for the tables. It looks like you are using a European format with semi-colons as separators and commas as decimals. Unfortunately InVEST does not support this format. I have attached a CSV file with the format changes, could you try using this and let us know if you still get errors?

WY_BZ2_formatted.csv (964 Bytes)


Hello dcdenu4

I have used a .csv in the format you recommended an It ran to completion

Thanks a lot.


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