ERROR RIOS Pre-processing tool

Hi, I’m Alba, from Colombia
I am using the RIOS Pre-Processing tool and I have this error, I appreciate if anyone knows what I should do.

Tiempo de Inicio: Mon Feb 10 09:08:43 2020
Ejecutando secuencia de comandos RIOS-Pre-Processing…
Validating arguments…
Groundwater Recharge/Baseflow selected, checking required inputs:
Annual average precipitation
Actual Evapotranspiration
Land use/land cover
RIOS general coefficient table
Soil texture
Soil depth
Threshold flow accumulation
Checking input raster projections…
Creating hydrology layers…
Processing Groundwater Recharge/Baseflow objective…
Mapping coefficients to landcover…
Creating slope index…
Created Groundwater/Baseflow slope index: C:\Users\GIBPC\Desktop\RIOS\Output\gwater_bflow_slope_index.tif
Creating downslope retention index…
Defining flow direction channels…
Created Groundwater/Baseflow downslope retention index: C:\Users\GIBPC\Desktop\RIOS\Output\gwater_bflow_downslope_retention_index.tif
Creating upslope source…

Error processing Groundwater Recharge/Baseflow objective: Falló al ejecutarse. Los parámetros no son válidos.
ERROR 000865: Ráster de entrada o valor constante 1: 1.0 no existe.
Falló al ejecutar (Minus).

Error running script
Failed script RIOS-Pre-Processing…

Traceback (most recent call last):
** File “C:\Users\GIBPC\Desktop\RIOS\RIOS_Pre_Processing_ArcGIS_10_4_1\”, line 1280, in **
** raise Exception**

Falló al ejecutar (RIOS-Pre-Processing).
Error en Mon Feb 10 09:34:01 2020 (Tiempo transcurrido: 25 minutos 18 segundos)

Hi Alba -

That’s an interesting place for an error, the script is simply calculating (1.0 - soil depth). I wonder if it is related to the script using a period for the decimal instead of a comma. Could you try changing your Windows language settings to use a period for the decimal separator instead of a comma, and see if that helps?

~ Stacie

Hi swolny
It was extremely effective, it already successfully completed the preprocessing! I am very grateful for your advice!

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Great, Alba! Glad to hear it.

~ Stacie

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