Error Urban Cooling Model file size too big

Hello, I’m trying to run the Urban Cooling Model (and I have in the past and it worked fine so I cannot underestand why it is not working now). I’m getting the error number 6 “pathname/exponential_decay_kernel.tif: File too large regarding tile size. This would result in a file with tile arrays larger than 2GB”. Why would that be? I have Land use land cover raster that is 10m resolution
dimensions X: 3190 Y: 3817 (I clipped it to the area of interest). I know that the ETO raster cannot be the issue as I have used the same one in previous iterations and it worked. Do you know what it could be?
InVEST-natcap.invest.urban_cooling_model-log-2023-08-01–17_08_27.txt (6.1 KB)

Hi @carolincarella , thanks for posting your logfile.

This error is most often due to a problem with a coordinate system. For example, if one of the input datasets is missing projection information, or has had the incorrect projection information assigned to it.

If I search this forum for the phrase “File too large regarding tile size” a number of threads show some possible causes. If you cannot find the solution, please share your input data.

thank you,

Hi @dave ,

thanks for your response. I clipped all the rasters to the urban perimeter and it worked, so it probably must have been too heavy data for the model (the LULC raster). However, on this note, I haven’t properly understood if to run the model it is necessary that the area of interest covers both urban areas and non-urban surroundings? Is it possible / does it make sense to run the model only within city boundaries or is the urban / non-urban comparison necessary for the calculations of the model?
thank you for your support in clarifying this and let me know if I need to clarify anything in my question.

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